The treatment of liquid waste or leachate from landfills of urban garbage, from sludge treatment plants or from the waste “Ecoparks” or “Ecological parks”, is a complex problem that requires a deep understanding of the subject in order to offer reliable solutions.

AREMA executes projects for leachate treatment using the best technology in each case, depending on the particular present pollutants and the required discharge parameters, minimizing the costs of investment and operation as much as possible

Among the technologies used, single or in combination, the most common processes are Advanced Biological Treatments, Membrane Treatments (UF, MBR, RO), Oxidation, precipitation and evaporation and Inertisation of wastes.


By applying for example reverse osmosis (RO) modules in open channel is possible to obtain a permeate that accomplished the required quality to be discharge into public channel and even make it suitable for reuse as irrigation water, obtaining the maximum quality.

This technology also allows:

– Configurations in a compact system, installed in a standard size container easily transportable, with minimal civil works required (only a concrete slab to support the container is necessary).

  • System built and completely tested in the factory, entirely designed as Plug and Play, arrive and connect, with a period of installation and start-up of less than a month.
  • The presence of operators is minimal, since the installation has a fully automated process and it can provide remote alarm systems to alert the operator personal.
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