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AREMA is integrated by a team of multidisciplinary professionals actively engaged which seek quality and well done job, with the final purpose of protecting and improving our environment.


Using the latest technology, our own research projects, the implementation of quality and environmental management systems, continuous training, commitment to internationalization, personalized service with the customer and agility in our responses, are the key success factors we know.

We hope to have one day the opportunity to work together in the passionate challenge of preserving our environment.

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Water, as we find it in nature, is often not directly usable for human consumption.

AREMA has different drinking water treatment and supply systems. Depending on the needs of work, AREMA provides particular solutions to municipalities, industries or small rural nuclei.

We define Regenerated Water as that which comes from wastewater treatment plants and which, once treated, is applied an additional treatment to make it suitable for a new use, with the quality required by the new application.

Regenerated water is taken into account in the overall management of resources and its uses can be diverse.

Desalination is a physical process of separating salts from an aqueous solution, with the purpose of using the fresh water produced.

Desalination water resources can have basically two sources: seawater or saline groundwater; the latter from coastal aquifers in direct or indirect contact with the sea.

The separate fractions in the decanters (primary and secondary) of the treatment plants are called sewage sludge or sludge. These are liquid, with very low concentrations of dry matter. An important part of the dry matter of sludge is organic matter.

The sludge undergoes different processes, with different purposes.

The treatment of liquid or leached waste from urban landfills, sludge treatment plants or from “Ecoparks” or “Ecological Parks” of waste, is a complex issue that requires a deep knowledge of it to be able to offer solutions with guarantees.