The compact plant of Reversible Electrodialysis (EDR) that AREMA has developed represents an alternative to the reverse osmosis desalination of brackish water.

Electrodialysis is a water treatment process based on the application of an electric field by means of two electrodes between which a set of impermeable and ionically selective membranes is placed. This allows the separation of dissolved mineral elements due to the movement of dissociation of ions through these membranes and thus two different effluents are created: the desalted one, also called diluted, and the effluent of high concentration of salts, also called concentrate.


  • Feasibility in the separation of substances without the necessity of making changes of phase, normally at room temperature.
  • Possibility of non-stop working and being able to automate the process.
  • Greater hydraulic recovery than reverse osmosis, and also requires less maintenance.
  • Lower economic investment in comparison with reverse osmosis and lower operating costs.
  • Compact and modular plant.
Esquema pilot EDR
Tecnologia Pilot EDR - Arema