The System PC4® biological MBBR solution is a compact plug and play unit designed for wastewater treatment for industrial or domestic origin, with a capacity of up to 1,000 equivalent inhabitants per plant.

The biological treatment applied is advanced biomass growth fixed over a mobile bed (MBBR) with different compartments (anoxic chamber, biological reactor and secondary settling).


The moving bed technology is based on the development of bacterial cultures on a support, in this case filling plastic.


  • Alternative technologically advanced and economically competitive in comparison to conventional systems.
  • It allows operating at high loads of organic contaminants with an average removal above 95% of BOD5, COD, SS, N and P.
  • Operates inside standard ISO dimensions enclosures, which facilitates transport and installation, and which can be adapted to be installed outdoors in adverse climates and resist the aggressiveness of the water to be treated.
  • Minimum civil works requirements (only needs to consider a concrete slab).
  • Reduced energetic consumption.
  • Completely automatic operation with our own design of control system, the requirements of operators and maintenance are minimal, the installation can be operated remotely and is complemented with SMS alarm system.
  • No odor emanation
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PC4® MBBR d'Arema
Esquema Planta biològica PC4® MBBR