In the same way that Construcciones Rubau has, Arema, as a group company, will implement a total quality system in 2022, in accordance with the European model EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), which allows the implementation of continuous improvement systems in the organization and the structuring of processes with proven effectiveness and efficiency.

Thanks to RUBAU’s important commitment to quality, and now Arema’s commitment to quality as a company of its group, the objective is to certify the system implemented with the ISO 9001 standard.


  • To assure customers that the company has systems and organization in place to achieve the required level of quality through a process-based approach to maintain its commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements.

  • To ensure that quality is the basis of the company’s brand image on construction sites, an essential condition for its development and the achievement of its objectives.

  • To guarantee all personnel the level of training necessary for the development of their activities.

  • To obtain a high degree of customer satisfaction by integrating the achievement of customer requirements and the analysis of the needs and expectations of the interested parties.

  • To involve, motivate and raise staff awareness of the importance of continuous improvement in the performance of activities and the provision of services.

  • To have the human and material resources necessary for the development of this quality policy and the achievement of the defined objectives.


RUBAU was one of the first companies in Spain to commit to prevention management and, since 1996, it has had an occupational risk prevention management system that is fully integrated into the company’s general management, currently certified under the ISO 45001 standard.

Following the same policy, Arema, as a group company, is committed to the implementation of the IMS and its certification with the ISO 45001 standard in compliance with the policies established for it.


  • To achieve an optimum level of safety and health in the workplace, complying with current legislation and other requirements subscribed in this field, assuming its performance and commitment to the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health, as well as the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks, within the framework of continuous improvement in preventive action.
  • Promote consultation, training, information and participation of all workers in the prevention of occupational risks, including subcontractors.
  • To achieve a high degree of employee satisfaction with regard to their working conditions.
  • To achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction with regard to our company’s treatment of occupational risk prevention in the workplace.


AREMA is firmly committed to the respect and conservation of the environment, a fact that allows it to develop highly innovative projects. Its objective in this area is focused on the company’s continuous performance to improve the environment, through the implementation and certification of the ISO 14001 standard.


  • Ensure the protection of the environment, complying with environmental legislation and regulations, other requirements and commitments subscribed and the prevention of pollution.
  • To implement the principles of continuous improvement in environmental activities.
  • To achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction with regard to our company’s treatment of the environment in the workplace.
  • To ensure a real integration of environmental management in all areas and activities of the company, and to establish firm commitments with the society around us.
  • Promote the active participation and sense of responsibility of all our employees in relation to the impact of their work on the environment, through the necessary training and information.


The values ​​and ethical principles internationally recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the strict compliance with current legislation, constitute the basis of RUBAU’s Ethical Code to which Arema has adhered as a company of the Group. This Ethical Code takes into account the principle of criminal liability of legal entities recognised in the Spanish legal system and prevents and prohibits the existence of behaviour on the part of legal representatives, managers, employees or any person who is under the authority of personnel of Arema, whose actions may give rise to the liability on company’s part. It is the fundamental rule that should govern the behaviour of employees of the company, in the development of their professional activity as well as in maintaining relationships with third parties. The general principles and the values ​​contained in this Code may be extended by policies and procedures specific to each of these materias.

Corruption and fraud slow down economic development and are detrimental to social justice and the rule of law, causing serious damage to the economy and society, and in many cases facilitating the operations of organized crime. RUBAU, established as a benchmark for its firm commitments to ethical principles, assumes the responsibility of actively participating in the challenge of preventing and fighting corruption and fraud in all its areas of activity. The Policy for the prevention of crimes and against corruption and fraud, to which Arema has adhered as a company of the Group, is intended to project to all Arema managers and employees, as well as to third parties who are related to the company, a message of outright opposition to the commission of any act unlawful criminal. This policy accredits AREMA’s commitment to permanently monitoring and punishing fraudulent acts and conduct, maintaining effective communication and awareness mechanisms for all employees and developing a business culture of ethics and honesty, and sends a message resounding opposition to corruption and fraud in all its manifestations.

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